The Best Television is a Hidden Television

This posting has to do with hiding televisions in some of our most favorite rooms. I'm showing the beloved television in settings that are not located front and center in gigantic entertainment units, but sort of strategically inserted into their surroundings, using paint and placement as the camouflage. I tried not to select the generic "slap a flat screen over the fireplace" technique so common in home after home nowadays. Here's hoping you will find a clever ways to include the television into your home, but not to the exclusion of conversation, reading and game playing in your seating areas. Long live our most cherished friend - the squawk box, as I affectionately call it! Don't flaunt it, hide it!

Flower arrangement and small picture frames minimizing it's presence. 

There she is, on the far wall with a nice, fat frame around her in a most elegant, two room salon. Wait a minute, is that a mirror?

In the breakfast room, snuggled into a bookshelf, this time with luscious, 
off white trim work, minimizing the black finish.

My favorite placement for a television is against a black backdrop,
 here with lots of artwork and plants to mesmerize the senses.

You might say they slapped a flat screen on the wall and called it a day. 
They did, and it is spectacular.

Black on black.
Not everybody gets a view, but most do.

Again, the black on black downplays the television in this most congenial bedroom.
 Reading, watching and sleeping - all done with ease here.

Lots of brightly colored ceramics and artwork to accompany her royal highness in black.

There are lots of this design out there. 
White walls and flat screen over the fireplace. 
Why did I post this one?
Cuz it's a kick ass room.

Take a two drawer dresser, paint it the deepest black and place atop a flat screen, all the while bringing in loads of lighter tones of white, gray, gold, and yellow and yep, it works. 
Notice the black finishes sort of scattered all through out the room. Wow. 

Most publicized room on the web, hands down. 
TV on one side in an armoire and conversation area on the other.

This one's a sneaker - it's over by the window on the bookshelf. 
Again, conversation and other activities rule this room.

Just cool.

"Cottage-ee", Saaweet!

Paint the inside of a small armoire with vivid paint and 
place a couple of slipper chairs in front,
 keeping the focus on conversation in this room.

Sara Jessica Parker and "Mr. Big", Sex and the City

The matching fabric in this television room is just fabulous 
and the huge television hidden in the built ins is an after thought.
But, can someone pop some popcorn? I've got a film to watch.

First of all, to have a spare room to set up for a television room is just the biggest luxury. 
And I'm a huge fan of the flat screen over a credenza, especially ones that are both white.

Bring on the books!

Television in office/sitting room on bookshelf amidst hanging artwork.

Palm Beach, Florida rocks the 'look' and hides the TV while they're at it.

For solo tv watching, maybe for the cook to take a break.

Here's an idea - take a credenza and place a petite tv 'inside' the unit and artwork on top
 - talk about undercover!

Found this great idea where homeowner has run the wires and cables behind the trim to the right and down to the outlets. She uses skinny brad nails instead of caulking the trim down permanent. 

Simply place a decorative frame around flat screen for some pizzazz.


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  2. True! hidden television is one of the best for you applies your style and creativity aside from giving it a new look! It is fun when someone visits your house and will ask "where is your TV?" and then magic will be revealed of where your TV is and they react so WOW!

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