Diverse Periods Work

Gustavian design, a Swedish take on French neoclassicism, has been roaring for years, but my favorite is mixing it with modern elements. [Benjamin Moore Colony Green on chairs].
"When you stay relentlessly in one period, the eye absorbs it in a single glance. Going against period produces energy."
David Kleinberg
The inimitable Thom Britt creates a Palm Beach 'moment'. How many design periods are going on here? Several, yet it never veers into a carnival. This has such a collected feel, with a strong Chinese element with the credenza and vases, a 20th century vibe in the Elkins Loop chairs and art, plus a casual island/homey feel influence in the rug and the mums in a basket. It's a gorgeously layered room, perfect for both casual and more formal affairs. I love how the pièce de résistance, a 19th c. antique chandelier is not to be outdone, as it sits there twinkling, saying look at me! And can we talk about those gorgeous, multicolored-silk panels? The diverse periods used, and the color story, are very well planned out and it works.
"England and the Continent were influenced by Chinoiserie from the moment they discovered it. It became huge."
Thomas Britt


Jean-Louise Deniot masterfully mixes periods, using shades of green, to successfully consolidate it into a look.
"A décor is like a painting; its all about the masses, the color placement, the volumes, the proportion, the contrast etc. to achieve the right balance. Its about layers; some are predominant and some are just a back drop."
Jean-Louise Deniot

More Gustavian décor mixing it up with an 18th c. Rococo console, Greek Key trim, animal print carpet, most likely a 20th c. pottery lamp and a Realist painting representing the 19th c. time period.
Hotel Verhaegen - Ghent, Belgium via Belgian Pearls
One more...
Home in Chicago, IL

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