I'll Have the Pimiento Cheese Please

What could go wrong with cheese, bacon, jalapenos, pecans and strawberry preserves?

I had a sandwich similiar to this at Swampers 
in the remarkable Marriott Hotel and Spa 
at the Shoals when friends were visiting, 
and realized that this is one item 
I've never made at home,
and so made plans to do so asap.

Post will continue with other orange things I like.

Contrast of colors and patterns are so striking!
 Wallace Bryan Designs, Atlanta.

Circles and Stripes.
Orange and Black.
Neutrals for good measure.

Greige with more than a touch of orange! 
What I could store in those Hermes boxes would be mind boggling.

A pair of orange garden stools could go anywhere around the house. 
Go here for instructions on how to raise citrus indoors.

California designer, Tamara Kaye-Honey's work reminds me of
 boy wonder, Miles Redd. This room is just plain sexy. 

Speaking of boy wonder, he does a Pagoda-inspired guest room in orange and pink deliciously.

I love this idea so much; it would give such wonderful 
display storage for pottery and serving pieces, West Hollywood, CA.

These geometric and floral neutral prints, mixed with a coral, camel back sofa is so incredible.
 Also dig the Louis XVI chairs with the Florence Knoll table. Love this eclectic vignette so much.

The sublime beachy look by John Fondas and John Knott is astounding.
So cozy to go from 100 degree temps at the pool, to the rush of
 68 degrees indoors, sea grass beneath your feet, grass cloth on the walls 
and ceiling, bamboo blinds at the window, and the wispy unlined 
curtains fluttering in the breeze. The textures here are knocking me out.

Textile genius John Robshaw gives us burnt orange walls, 
where exotic tribal artifacts are at home.
 Love the mirror behind the chair, 
picking up the slightest reflection of the shade.

For the kids #1. 
Way too beautiful for popcorn and pizza.

For the kids #2. 
Where on earth did they get that bed? 
Must be nice to be rich and custom order stuff.

Amy Weaver punches the hell out of this room with black, animal print and orange!

Tilton Fenwick uses the pallet of orange with a grey-blue, not that easy to do, 
but it works here, bringing a feeling of nostalgia and comfort.

What a cute sitting room with a bed in the middle of it, and of course
 brown and orange are like cookies and milk.

Continentalist Thomas Britt using almost a neon orange, 
and turning the closet door into a supporting star attraction.

Here comes the orange and blue again. I didn't think I could get over the 
black and orange scheme, but Jean-Louis Deniot convinces me otherwise.

The godfather of modern Americana design, Steven Gambrel, brings it home
 with a pale coral sofa against pale blue walls and black exclamation points.

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