Vaulted Ceilings Make Me All Verklempt!

We have been looking for a house for like two years and many of the ones that seem to be priced slightly under what the neighborhood would allow are those with the pesky vaulted ceilings that go way, way up. They can be pleasing to look at, but the mind immediately goes to painting, cleaning, repainting, recleaning, and the heat that would sit up there in the winter, while you freeze at the floor level.

In any event, I decided to do a mini-series on the Vaulted Ceiling, and surprisingly there are many photos available, which I will present here beginning with the vaulted den, living room or hearth room. I have never had a house feature that has perplexed me so! I am hoping that by studying it's unexpected beauty, it will help us make a decision on which house to purchase.

 Sarah Richardson

 Darryl Carter

 Sarah Richardson

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