Fall is Here and it is Spectacular

Relax, Breathe, Prepare to Rest

I don't know why I love 
Fall so much; love it so 
much more than Spring. 
The long, sharp shadows
of the sun, criss-crossing 
over saturated colors in the 
fading summer foliage, a 
winding down of sorts, a 
mellowing, a preparation 
to rest, a big....whew....'it's 
been a good day' and I 
need to Relax, Breathe 
and Prepare to Rest.


  1. Beautiful. I love fall too. Although, for me, it's a season of renewed energy (after humid heat all summer) rather than rest.

    The liatris is lovely (it's considered invasive here, but I like it).

  2. Yea, come to think of it - you're right - I do have a renewed energy level in the fall. Duhh.....I went from limited activity in the summer to full time seminary and part time job and I write 2 blogs and I am organizing our high school reunion for summer 2010, and am in the candidacy program for the ordained ministry.

    Thanks for pointing this out!!!