Dear Earthlings,

NASA is unsure what is going to happen to earth in 2012 when all the planets line up and the gravitational pull from the moon will undoubtedly effect the oceans. OMG - why are we not debating this on the national scene besides the ridiculous health care debacle? The movie Deep Impact suggests cities in the mountains to escape the rising waters. I live on a peninsula stuck out in the Atlantic ocean called Florida; it is safe to say I am mildly concerned in 2009 and my fears will probably increase exponentially each year. What about you? Are you concerned at all? Are you considering making a plan in the likely event we enter into an unstable period of gravitational and climate change?


  1. I'll be praying about this one and hope it is not like the y2k scare.

  2. I want to see that movie, that looks wild!

  3. This is so real the Vatican has purchased a telescope along the lines of what Nasa has in order to observe what the planets are doing.