Architecture for the Everyman

I love this William Krisel designed home. In Florida, we have lots of these style homes, heralding the coming mod era of the sixties, and I can only imagine the interiors of most of them. The Palm Springs style of design may not be everyone, but it certainly does set a mood. Key smart things in this interior redesign by David Jimenez can be seen from the slideshow (no before shots).

  • Terra cotta floor tiles painted white instead of riped out.

  • Painted over stones around hearth from previous owner were sandblasted bringing back a natural look.

  • Following the original mirrored walls in foyer, he continued it along the back wall, to make the room look HUGE.

  • Rescued two identical sofas from thrift store and had them upholstered in Naugahyde - hey, it's a vacation home with a pool!

  • Removed the wall between kitchen and dining area making for an expansive room.

  • Used wallpaper extensively in bedrooms and entry way to create very unique spaces.

I love this designer - his work always, always, speaks to me.

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