Gallery Wall 1.0 Tennessee River

Wish I could move into house after house and create gallery walls. Sort of a diary on a wall, a monument to that time in one's life. This one is inspired by the 70's era phone jack and pre-mobile device, the intercom system. The goal was to minimize these eyesores. This is actually the wall in the kitchen and the 1920's antique buffet with huge storage underneath, serves a lazy susan, modern-made-to-look old clock, books, pencil and pen cups, a lamp made from a brass coffee pot, a vintage mason jar I found in the barn my grandfather built that I have filled with quotes about forgiveness. 

If I were to have a lunch buffet,
 I could place the slices of tomatoes, avocados, 
crumbly blue cheese, mixed greens and french bread here.
Not bad, eh?

Still life: Crucifixion made of pottery, a gift from Salvation Army fundraiser, gilded picture of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, vintage West Virginia china from the 1940's, school pictures the girls I'm tutoring gave me, an oil painting of a bowl of fruit, and a photograph of the Irish countryside.

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